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Pipeline of Multifamily Homes Slated for 2024 Completion Mutes Rental Market Growth

Freddie Mac 2024 Multifamily Outlook Cautiously Optimistic on Economy and Multifamily Housing Market

6 min read

While the multifamily market is expected to grow in 2024, growth will be muted due to supply and demand forces, according to a report by the government-sponsored enterprise, Freddie Mac.

Housing Trust Funds Increase Affordable Housing for Lowest-Income Households

What is the National Housing Trust Fund?

6 min read

The development and preservation of affordable housing units often require funding from multiple sources. One potential funding source for affordable housing developments for the lowest-income households is the National Housing Trust Fund.

New Program Facilitates Land Purchasing for Affordable Housing 

Colorado’s Land Banking Program

9 min read

A new land banking program in Colorado aims to help developers purchase land for affordable housing, solving the unique problem of not having tax credits to purchase land, as well as creating access to development in rural areas. 

Proposed Changes Would Help Meet Demand

Novogradac Estimates 200,000 New and Preserved Homes Over the Next Ten Years

7 min read

Two proposed changes in tax legislation pending in Congress could increase the number of new and preserved affordable rental homes coming to market in the next ten years by over 200,000, according to consulting and accounting firm Novogradac.

Understanding State LIHTC Allocations

7 min read

Every year, state housing finance agencies are allocated millions of dollars to help fund affordable housing through the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program.

The Art of Structuring Deals as Master Lease Pass-Throughs   

7 min read

As skyrocketing construction costs and increasing interest rates have driven the need for more capital, affordable housing developers are expressing an increased interest in the master lease pass-through structure in deals involving a combination of Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) and Historic Tax Credits (HTC).

Playing Matchmaker

6 min read

An initiative by the National Council of State Housing Agencies (NCSHA) aims to expand the financing of affordable housing by creating partnerships between state financing agencies and healthcare systems.

Inspired by NSPIRE

10 min read

In August, the Department of Housing and Urban Development began its first round of public housing inspections under a new, more stringent model, which aims to prioritize health and safety and correct any functional defects in housing.

New Building Technologies and Housing Solutions

9 min read

The latest technological innovations, such as robotics, artificial intelligence (AI) and 3D printing can alleviate construction industry challenges and save time and costs from projects.

Developers Empowering Resident Voices

10 min read

Many American adults, about 60 percent, have experienced trauma, but the practice of considering the effects of trauma on affordable housing residents and staff is relatively recent.

Build America, Buy America

7 min read

As federal regulators continue to release implementation guidelines for the Build America, Buy America Act (BABAA), the new law aimed to increase domestic manufacturing, the Department of Housing and Urban Development announced its decision to phase implementation of the requirements.

New Technology Advances Utility Management   

12 min read

In affordable housing, where every dollar counts, utility expenditures can be one of the highest-cost items.

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