About Tax Credit Advisor

Tax Credit Advisor is NH&RA’s award-winning monthly magazine.  TCA provides comprehensive coverage on all aspects of the development and financing of affordable rental housing, historic preservation, tax-advantaged real estate, and economic development projects using federal and state tax credits and other resources.

Targeted to developers, syndicators and lenders, attorneys, accountants, housing agencies, and other professionals, the magazine focuses on federal and state:

  • Low-Income Housing Tax Credits
  • Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credits
  • New Markets Tax Credits
  • Renewable Energy Tax Credits

The magazine also explores business opportunities, best practices, and policy developments relating to:

  • Tax-Exempt Bond Financing and Multifamily Private Activity Volume Cap
  • Affordable Housing Preservation Strategies
  • Multifamily Asset and Portfolio Management
  • Regulatory Issues Relating to Major HUD Programs, Including Section 8 and Other Types of Rental Assistance
  • Public Housing Revitalization, Including RAD, CNI, and HOPE VI
  • Multifamily Market Developments Relating to Debt and Equity Placements
  • And more!

Each issue contains:

  • A “case study” profile of an individual tax credit project detailing how it was structured and financed
  • Alerts on pertinent new federal and state legislation and regulations
  • Upcoming state LIHTC application deadlines
  • An in-depth article on the issue theme (e.g., Senior Housing, Tax Credit Equity Sources, Green Building, etc.)
  • And more!

Recurring features include:

  • Current pricing and investor yields for federal housing tax credits
  • Profiles of leading developers and firms
  • Reporting on major legislative developments
  • And more!

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