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Managing Asset Management

2 min read

For asset managers, the days of bringing pen and paper to site visits are long gone – with a smartphone’s ability to record notes, take photos and fit conveniently in one’s pocket, it seems like a no-brainer. Going one step beyond that, there are now various apps (at various price points and capabilities) built specifically to aid in your ability to conduct meaningful and efficient site-visits at your properties.

State HFA Responses to the Equity Market

7 min read

If you’re reading an issue of Tax Credit Advisor, it’s probably safe to assume you have noticed a drop in equity pricing since the election.

RAD’s Revision 3

4 min read

The Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program began in 2012 with the purpose of addressing a $26 billion backlog of deferred maintenance for public housing.

The High Demand for Green Bonds

2 min read

For those developers interested in implementing water or energy improvements during rehabilitation, Fannie Mae’s Green Regards and Freddie Mac’s Green Advantage offer innovative new funding options. With interest savings in the neighborhood of 13 – 39 basis points off of a fixed rate loan, these products are in high demand.

New York’s Green Bonds

& 3 min read

$100 million in new funding On November 29, 2016, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that New York became the first state to secure international certification of nearly $100 million in “Green Bonds” to be used for the development of affordable housing that has a positive impact on the environment and climate. The housing bonds were certified […]

The Bond Volume Cap Dilemma

7 min read

Last June, attorney Wade Norris reported in these pages on the increasing demand for tax-exempt, multifamily bonds throughout the United States and noting that several states were burning through volume cap.

Historic Leader: John Leith-Tetrault Honored with NH&RA’s Chairman’s Award

7 min read

On July 21st, during NH&RA’s Summer Institute on Martha’s Vineyard, John Leith-Tetrault was presented with the Chairman’s Award by NH&RA Chairman and partner at Bryan Cave, Jerry Breed. As founder of both the National Trust Community Investment Corporation and the Historic Tax Credit Coalition, John Leith-Tetrault has created a legacy in the Historic Tax Credit world.

Raising Rent Via Amenities

4 min read

For maximizing the value of Section 8 properties, cost-effective amenities are a tool to consider. Depending on the market and the specific attributes of the property, particular amenities can yield higher rents while maintaining low cost. While appraisers can assist developers in identifying appropriate amenities for a substantial rehab, they can also assist asset managers during the lull between recapitalization periods – where simple and small additions may create large value through increased rent (marking-up-to-market).