Managing Asset Management

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Site visits: There’s an app for that

For asset managers, the days of bringing pen and paper to site visits are long gone – with a smartphone’s ability to record notes, take photos and fit conveniently in one’s pocket, it seems like a no-brainer. Going one step beyond that, there are now various apps (at various price points and capabilities) built specifically to aid in your ability to conduct meaningful and efficient site-visits at your properties.

Some apps, like Happy Inspector (free) and iAuditor ($11.99 for the full version) are strictly inspection apps contained within your mobile device.

Features might include the ability to record notes, take photos (and draw on photos), create reports to share with others, and, in the case of Site Audit Pro, delegate tasks to other team members through reporting.

The more comprehensive apps, like Inspect-Check, Yardi Inspection Mobile, and InfoTycoon are “free” with a subscription to the app’s comprehensive service which can cost $1,000 or more. These apps are integrated within a complete asset management software system that does everything noted above and a whole lot more.

While the chart below gives some basic comparisons, it’s worth noting a few of the highlights:

  • Inspect-Check is making a push for affordable housing – it integrates UPCS and UFAS standards for support with Pre-REAC inspections and claims to provide “accurate and instant” REAC scores utilizing randomized unit samples.
  • iAuditor is used across a vast number of industries – from coal mining inspections to hospitals and construction sites. That said, the multifamily industry uses the app as well, and users can browse the public library of customized templates. Sharing your own customized template is also a method for sharing it with employees (although some apps will send it directly to them).
  • Site Audit Pro, at $16.99, seems to be the cheapest app offering the ability to assign action items to team members through inspection reports.
  • It’s obvious that Yardi’s app is completely integrated with Yardi, but InfoTycoon also integrates with programs including Yardi and RealPage. Happy Inspector also integrates work orders through Yardi (since May 2017).