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The Costs of Construction

12 min read

“Construction costs are going up and the sources of funding going down,” declares Tim Leonhard, international director for JLL Capital Markets.

Rosenwald Courts Reborn

6 min read

After more than a decade’s abandonment, a beloved Chicago landmark has come back to life.

Middle-Income Housing…Really!

5 min read

New multifamily housing construction frequently includes a mix of market-rate apartments and low-income units.

Mixing 4% and 9% LIHTCs

10 min read

The end of 2016 brought both good news and bad news for affordable housing developer the Pacific Companies.

The Many Flavors of RAD

11 min read

Public housing is threatened – again – with deep funding cuts in the latest proposed federal budget, released in March by President Donald Trump.

Case Study

CASE STUDY: Dominium Saves St. Louis’ Giant Arcade

7 min read

There’s a reason the Arcade Building stood empty for more than 30 years. Bringing the landmark back to life took more than a dozen separate funding sources.

Baltimore’s Project CORE Clears the Way

6 min read

A bulldozer tore into the brown bricks of Madison Park North apartments on December 9.

Housing Agencies Eye Healthcare

7 min read

Substandard, unaffordable housing can damage the health of its residents – potentially causing problems like asthma or exacerbating ailments like hypertension.

Healthcare Builds Housing

6 min read

Six giant health companies are contributing millions of dollars to help build housing in Portland, OR.

Living in Your High School

6 min read

Some years in high school feel so long, you feel like you live there. Now Jim Whitten does. More than 50 years after he graduated, Whitten returned to old Cony High School building in Augusta, Maine, this time as his new home. Cony High has become an affordable senior housing community.

Essex Crossing Keeps its Promises

6 min read

After decades of broken promises, Essex Crossing is an attempt to make up for 40 years of lost time by providing a new home to some residents displaced by urban renewal.

Building on Success

6 min read

Since the Children’s Campus of Kansas City, Kansas, opened in June 2010, it has become a national model for combining early childhood education programs with research, along with health, counseling and professional services for families.

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