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The Future is Bright

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This is an auspicious year.

With 2024 being a Leap Year we gained a day in February. (Who couldn’t use an extra 24 hours?) On April 8 a total solar eclipse moved across North America. A rare event we won’t see again until Aug. 23, 2044 (mark your calendars). We are anticipating a once-in-a-lifetime cicada event with the emergence of rare double broods (get out your earplugs) – an event that experts say won’t happen again until 2245. In June, eyes will turn to the sky as comet Pons-Brooks (aka the Devil Comet, don’t worry it’s not dangerous) orbits the sun – as it does every 71.2 years. It’s an election year and the 60th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act, the Summer Olympics will kick off in Paris in July, the U.S. is going back to the moon with support missions for NASA’s Artemis campaign and Paris’s Notre Dame Cathedral will again welcome visitors, five years after its devastating fire. It’s a year to look forward to with exciting and historic events to experience and celebrate.

In accordance with the propitiousness of 2024, Tax Credit Advisor magazine has launched its all-new digital publication, TCA Digital.

To provide readers with a more engaging experience, we have invested our time and expertise into enhancing TCA’s offerings by creating a platform that includes bonus content, robust article archives, advanced search options and more. Be sure to visit us at taxcreditadvisor.com and let us know what you think of the new platform.

Not to be left out, the May issue also inspires optimism and a positive outlook for the future. From introducing a new initiative for commercial to residential conversions (Large-Scale Effort to Convert Commercial to Residential Gets New Initiative), to how The Michaels Organization is addressing the ‘missing-middle’ with Attainable Housing (A “Solution-Oriented” Approach to Today’s Housing Problem), to understanding and utilizing Housing Trust Funds (Housing Trust Funds Increase Affordable Housing for Lowest-Income Households).

In a conversation with Joaquin Altoro, administrator of Rural Housing Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, we learn more about RHS’ mission and how it is promoting rural prosperity by investing in everything a community needs to thrive from high-speed Internet, to clean water, to good-paying jobs, to quality healthcare, and of course, affordable homes. (Breaking Ground)

An example of commercial to residential, Case Study: A Commercial to Residential Conversion takes a look at the conversion of the Jefferson Plaza shopping center in Woodbridge, VA into a 240-unit affordable housing development. And, Case Study: DOE Rebate Program Gives LIHTC Deal Incentives explains why and how rebate programs are a great resource for gap financing to do energy efficiency upgrades to make buildings healthier and more affordable.

In this year of notable events, we are looking forward to the evolution of TCA as we expand our digital presence. From where we stand the future looks bright.

Jessica Hoefer