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Budget-Based Rent Adjustments Possible for Qualifying Mark-to-Market Section 8 Properties 

7 min read

Section 8 property owners who refinanced their debt through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Mark-to-Market program, mainly in the late 1990s through early 2000s, may qualify for budget-based rent adjustments under a new program launched this year by HUD.

Risk-Sharing Initiative Extended Indefinitely

FFB/FHA Risk-Sharing Program Adds Federal Muscle to Local Deals

8 min read

Earlier this year, federal officials announced that the Federal Housing Administration (FHA)’s Risk-Sharing Initiative would be extended indefinitely, strengthening a resource that has become increasingly vital in recent years for State Housing Finance Agencies (HFAs).

Pipeline of Multifamily Homes Slated for 2024 Completion Mutes Rental Market Growth

Freddie Mac 2024 Multifamily Outlook Cautiously Optimistic on Economy and Multifamily Housing Market

6 min read

While the multifamily market is expected to grow in 2024, growth will be muted due to supply and demand forces, according to a report by the government-sponsored enterprise, Freddie Mac.

Breaking Ground

Stephanie Wiggins, Head of Agency and FHA Production, PGIM Real Estate

10 min read

TCA sat down with Stephanie Wiggins to learn more about PGIM Real Estate and its loan programs and what distinguishes it from other lenders.

NCHMA Establishes Guidelines for a Rent Comparability Study

5 min read

A rent comparability study (RCS) is often required for affordable and mixed-income rental developments.

Breaking Ground

Joaquin Altoro, Administrator, Rural Housing Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture

11 min read

For nearly three decades, Joaquin Altoro has worked to understand and advance underserved communities, applying his banking and housing finance expertise to help drive economic opportunities at the local, state and national levels.

Housing Trust Funds Increase Affordable Housing for Lowest-Income Households

What is the National Housing Trust Fund?

6 min read

The development and preservation of affordable housing units often require funding from multiple sources. One potential funding source for affordable housing developments for the lowest-income households is the National Housing Trust Fund.

A “Solution-Oriented” Approach to Today’s Housing Problems 

The Michaels Organization Addresses Attainable Housing

8 min read

The Michaels Organization has a history of identifying problems and forging ahead with bold solutions.

NCHMA Establishes Guidelines for Housing Needs Assessments

4 min read

Given the housing challenges facing much of the nation, there are many communities, regions and even states around the country that are having Housing Needs Assessments (HNA) completed.

Large-Scale Effort to Convert Commercial to Residential Gets New Initiative     

Conversions Gain Federal and Local Support

6 min read

Office vacancies throughout the nation have reached a 30-year high and the country is amid an affordable housing crisis. These dual inflection points have increased housing advocates’ focus on conversions of commercial real estate into housing and encouraged federal and local governments to assist in the transformations.

Creating Tailored Programs Setting a Course for the Fast-Evolving Incentives Landscapes

Influencing vs. Merely Accessing Available Funding

2 min read

Government agencies are still racing to get their Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) funds out the door, and they remain open to input from various stakeholders to help guide this process.

New Program Facilitates Land Purchasing for Affordable Housing 

Colorado’s Land Banking Program

9 min read

A new land banking program in Colorado aims to help developers purchase land for affordable housing, solving the unique problem of not having tax credits to purchase land, as well as creating access to development in rural areas. 

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